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Bringing Something Better to the Table. 

Steakhouse Elite is dedicated to providing a variety of products that cause a taste sensation whenever and however they’re served. We are masters at crafting American Kobe-style beef that is widely known for its velvety texture and buttery flavor.

Kobe-Crafted beef is the perfect formulation of American Kobe-Style beef and traditional beef to produce products rich in flavor and ideal in texture. Originating from Japan, Wagyu Cattle (the breed famous for producing the legendary Kobe Beef) are now raised worldwide. For Steakhouse Elite we use only 100% American raised Wagyu to ensure the highest standards of production and food safety for our customers.

store locator smallIf you don’t see Steakhouse Elite at your favorite market, tell your grocer you have a beef with him. Help us help you get access to our products through word-of-mouth advertising.

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We believe the key to making better burgers is simply making the burger better. With a unique flavor and texture, it is destined to become the new American Classic. 
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Our Ground Beef enriches your dining experience so you can artfully craft tasteful masterpieces full of flavor that your family and guests are sure to appreciate.  
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Our Brisket Burger features a bolder more robust flavor while maintaining the signature velvety texture of Steakhouse Elite.  
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With perfect texture and incredible taste, we’re the franks New York street vendors don’t want you to know about. 
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